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Today we are talking about E Commerce industry. E-commerce is big business and getting bigger every day.

According to last year online purchasing in India are expected to increase by 78 percent this year on the back of attractive deals and offers. Customers are attracted to online shopping not only because of high levels of convenience, but also because of broader selections, competitive pricing, and greater access to information .indzola_image

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Tips for secure and enjoyable online shopping

Tips for secure and enjoyable online shopping

Today we would like to share How Internet E – Commerce is changing our lives due to many reasons.

We will share 5 basic tips to have a secure and enjoyable online shopping

We all know that online shopping has been really growing very fast all over the world, especially in India. The number of Online Shopping sites in India are millions and have increased in recent times of few years.


Technology has also played a major role in the growth of online shopping, It would be very interesting to know the growth profile of internet shopping, As per Google, India has more than 100 million Internet users, out of that a large population is moving toward online purchasing and the number is growing every year, with such a large market size, companies right from retail shops to consumer goods are entering into web space to attract potential customers.

TIP no 1 (Check Pricing)

Ease to buy, Affordable pricing, Easy to compare are some of aspects for online shopping experiences which gives value adds for customers

With time the experience is also changing the mindset of all peoples in INDIA, most people are now thinking that e-commerce is very easy and much better than retail market. As per global survey huge percentage of population of INDIA is transforming into online shopping.

Affordable Online Shopping is one of the most convenient things that modern technology is providing to end consumer. For shoppers who don’t like the hassle of walking around crowded places or lining up in long queues, online shopping is the best alternative to shopping malls and other public venues. Additionally, in recent years, online has become much more convenient via mobile payment APP and solutions.

We would also like to emphasis Data Privacy and Online Security

Web threats are no longer limited to malware and frauds. Attackers know the more you do online activities, you increase the risk of revealing more information about yourself, especially when you’re looking to make a purchase.onlineshopping

Here are general tips on how to secure and maintain your privacy and security when shopping online:


  • Double-check URLs – if you hadn’t already bookmarked your favorite shopping site’s payment page, and still rely on typing in names, always double check the URL as cybercriminals can easily replace payment pages and apps with fake ones. One way to tell if a site is secure is by checking the security lock indicator (HTTPS instead of HTTP). The former means a secure one.

Use an official online shopping app – if you’re an avid mobile shopper, make sure to use the official online shoppingapp and avoid third-party apps for secure transactions.


  • Always use strong and secure passwords – attackers can easily hack online accounts  including banking and social accounts. Since these accounts contain sensitive and personal  details, it’s important that you use unique hard-to-crack passwords across all devices and  change them regularly. Never share them with anyone.

      TIP NO 4

  •         Use a secure network – if you’re using a mobile device to pay, make sure that you are      using the official payment app, and that you’re accessing a secure and private network

      TIP NO 5.

  •        OTP-The most important advantage that is addressed by OTPs is that, in contrast to static  passwords, they are not vulnerable to replay attacks. This means that a potential intruder  who manages to record an OTP that was already used to log in to a service or to conduct a  transaction will not be able to abuse it, since it will no longer be valid. A second major  advantage is that a user who uses the same (or similar) password for multiple systems, is  not made vulnerable on all of them, if the password for one of these is gained by an  attacker. A number of OTP systems also aim to ensure that a session cannot easily be  intercepted or impersonated without knowledge of unpredictable data created during the  previous session, thus reducing the attack surface further.

In fact many websites are moving a step ahead and providing secured Web site with    https:.indicating secured site along with green masking. These companies are taking special  care for customer and one of such website is

Women Cotton Suit: The Most Comfortable Yet Formal And Stylish Wear

Indian women clothing not only provides comfort and style but is the best reminiscent of luxury and grandeur. Young girls are now on a lookout for ethnic outfits to experience a resplendent past transforming our cultural roots. Indian women dresses, be it Anarkali salwar suits or the best women cotton suit India, are well-defined and unique in its own way and these outfits looks graceful as these are worn with high spirit and pride Additionally, modern tunics, stoles or shawls are an ethnic grab with a fine touch of contemporaneity that has provided a new meaning to conventional Indian women dresses.

These days, Indian cotton suits are very much in demand and accepted all over the world. These outfits look decent, versatile, stylish, fashionable yet modest. Every suit design will add grace to any woman’s wardrobe.

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Why Women Prefer To Shop Online?
There are plenty of reasons for which ladies like to shop their wearing stuff online. For example- Shopping ladies suits online India provides them an opportunity to shop as per their comfort and convenience. When any girl shops online, she can enjoy exploring many online stores without disturbing her schedule at all. Another reason is electronic retail shopping lets them to compare the prices as well as indulge in research without moving out of the home or office.

What Do Women Mostly Shop For?
Women and girls, most of the time, buy their personal use products from e-store, right from clothing such as Kurtis and suits to lingerie and footwear. Besides, they look for the best deals and discounts on clothing, gifts, cosmetics, bags, and footwear. Thankfully, there is a lot of websites to fulfill the increasing demands for the feminine stuff. Apart from this, the free home delivery facility, provided by many stores, further expands the appeal of e-shopping. So, the women will always look up at the websites to find the best deals.

When it comes to the prices, online shopping scores high as well. Unlike physically placed shops, e-stores don’t have to incur huge expenses in order to maintain their stores So, providing huge discounts and offers on their products is their key tool for luring more and more people. No doubt that every woman has a passion for savings and e-retail shopping eases this job.

With so many varieties of online women wear & accessories India, it has now become very difficult to go to each shop to find the best one. You should try to get it from popular online store where you can get it at a very reasonable price.

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