We love giving less and getting more. That’s what a denim shirt is like, invest for one and use in many ways. It may seem tricky to wear it different ways but is as easy as doodling.

  •   Denim shirt has always been a classic, a must to have in your wardrobe. A piece of clothing which goes with everything, literally.
  •  Paired up with a dark jean or a two shade lighter jeans and with your favorite Chuck Taylor or stilettoes, gives you an easy cool and confident look.
  • Team it up with a black skinny jean or black leather jeggings with heels and you are ready to rock a rock star look.

  •  Achieve a funky look by pairing it up with skinny joggers and any footwear ranging from slippers to heels.
  • Having a denim shirt you’ll never feel a need to buy a jean jacket, just roll up the sleeves a little.Wear it with a summer dress by keeping it open with sleeves rolled up or by tying a knot in front gives you a casual comfy look.
  • Pairing it up with another all-time classic a black pencil skirt gives you and I care and I don’t care to look all at the same time. These two classics together and result are loved by all.
  • Wear the denim with an animal print skirt, your floral print skirt or your favorite shorts; it’ll go with everything giving you a trendy look.

Don’t feel like wearing a shirt over your top anymore, no probs, just tie it around your waist and you are good to go with a little hipster touch to your look.

So what is it that you are waiting for if you have denim, go and try these out and if not then go and buy yourself one?

Best Idea about Men’s Fashion for summer

Tired of thinking what to wear? Bored of wearing last summer’s attire??
The question what to wear troubles men as much as it does women. Women’s have a huge variety of clothes to choose ranging from skirts to long dresses to summer dresses, from anarkali’s to sarees. Having this huge of options to choose from is tough but isn’t is nice to haves many options. But what about men?
Every female thinks it’s hard to select a perfect attire for them and thinking how easy it is for men to dress up. But is it really? Agreed to have to select from such a huge range can be overwhelming but isn’t it equally difficult to select from a limited range of tees and shirts.
Although saying that men’s have only tees and shirts to decide from gives an idea that there are not many things that males can do, not many styles they can choose. But that’s not true men’s have just as huge range as women’s.

A V-neck t-shirt with a dark washed jeans paired up with boots or converse makes you look cool and gives your personality a nice touch. Earlier when I had to get dressed and choose clothes from my wardrobe I used to think how difficult it is to select a suitable dress. I mean how tiring it is to decide what clothes to wear to college, which one’s while going on an outing with friends. Have different clothes for different occasions, getting dressed according to the occasion.it seemed like loads of work to do. And then to think about boys, how easy they have it. They don’t have to choose from dozens of options just a simple tee or a fennel shirt. But recently I thought is it really that simple??

What is more challenging to choose from a heap of clothes or to select suitable clothes for an occasion choosing from just tees and shirts? After that, I realized it is better to have lots of option than having limited ones.  Even though I am saying their options are limited, they are not that limited also. They do have sherwani’s, kurta, tuxedo but these are all for parties. Then do they really have such limited option and style?? The answer is a simple NO.
No their options for casuals may only include tees and shirts, shorts and jeans but style, no style options for men’s are just as much as for women’s.
Tees teamed up with jeans and converse or boots brings the best of a man. Everyone wants to wear something comfortable yet trendy for men tees are that something. There are so many of types of tees you wouldn’t have even thought of like polo t-shirts, hooded t-shirt, plain t-shirt etc.
Polo t-shirts are something everyone should know. They are so versatile, can be worn to any occasion and look trendy. These can be best friends of men’s with the lean body from as they make their upper body look fuller.
Henley tees paired up with a denim looks great. They are a just collarless version of polo tees and look best in plain and neutral colors although they have various patterns.
V-neck t-shirts are something almost every guy have. Especially the gym freaks who want to show their abs and biceps.
Stripped t-shirts easily found gives you a preppy and classic look that no one seems to deny. Worn with denim, shorts stripped t-shirts are almost perfect for any occasion. Coming in various necklines ranging from crew necks to v- necks stripped t-shirts give you great options to select from.
Graphic t-shirts loved by everyone looks best with blue denim and sneakers, gives you a cool and casual look, something you can wear in a group to support or promote something.
Solid/plain t-shirts never going out of fashion, easy to mix-match and perfect for almost every occasion is something for guys who prefer clean, minimal look.

Just as tees make you look cool and trendy, shirts also make you look your best. The classic checked shirt brings color to your outfit. Thick checked shirt paired up with t-shirt or sweater & washed jeans and sneakers give you a smart casual and laid back look. Thinner, loose fit design checked shirt is something you would like to wear in summer to add hipster staple to your personality. Another classic the denim shirt mixed with dark jeans and boots smarten one up easily.

There’s no need to go out and spend tons on buying t-shirts and shirts just have enough to keep looking good regardless of the occasion. Each of these can be dressed up in multiple ways so you won’t be restricted to limited styles.
Mix and match & achieve a casual flattering look for any occasion.

Look Desi, Look Enticing

Have many cloths in wardrobe, still, can’t decide what to wear for a desi yet alluring look? Dresses can make you look stunning make you feel confident, skirts can intensify your beauty & feminine features. Jeans give you a casual look with chunks and formal look with heels. But isn’t there a cloth which would be all occasion? The one can make you look alluring, brings out your girly nature, can be worn to a brother’s wedding or cousin’s reception or a friend’s engagement & can be worn to the office. Isn’t there any?
There is, the SAREE. Saree being the oldest dresses worn in our country is yet one of major choice of women’s. With the arrival of the western clothes, the summer dress, the skirts, gowns & all sarees are being pushed at the back of women’s wardrobe. The look, the elegance that a saree bring to you is something that western dresses can never replace. Saree being old still have its unique essence.

The ways to drape a saree, the prints it have, the embroidery, the occasions you can wear it to, have an astonishing range. There is such a wide variety of patterns of saree in our country be it banarsi silk saree, patola saree, kanjivaram silk saree, bandhej (bandhani saree), bomkai saree of Odisha, chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh or the leheriya sarees which is vibrant and burst of colors and much more.

Light printed sarees can be worn to office or at home. The red heavy embroidered silk georgette saree will make you look stunning for any occasion.
Saree weaver with the threads of tradition would make you look astounding anywhere, anytime.
Wear a saree be desi, be comfortable & look always mesmerizing.


With starting of new sessions in college many of you would be still filing college applications. College brings change in each one of us, our friends change and we find new things of our interest, our personality takes an 180-degree of change, so why not change our wardrobe?? Starting with new college life we all love to wear new clothes in college. We all want something which would be cool, trendy yet casual and comfortable.



Having many options to choose it gets difficult what should we choose. We want to dress up but not overdo and remain perfect, some of you may ask the question why? Why is it necessary to get dressed and change it, I can go to college in my PJ’s and they are extremely comfortable. Yes, you can, you can wear your PJ’s to college but it’s not something you would want to wear to college. Wearing it on a day or two is fine but not making it a habit. Don’t you want your teachers to take you seriously?? No matter how intelligent you are, it’s difficult to take you seriously if you are wearing sweats, So that’s why you need to dress up to make yourself presentable.


If you dress up sharp you’ll feel sharp. If you dress up pretty cool you’ll feel confident. Dressing up boosts up your confidence
With summers going on having a lot of options, Ranging from short frilly skirts, denim shorts, summer dresses to long flowy skirts and jeans.
No matter how much ease your jeans bring your skirt is an outfit which makes you looks feminine. They bring out your girly side more. They can be paired up with either your favorite chucks for a casual look or with your heels for a formal occasion.
A dress that goes with every footwear you own would be a summer dress in this hot weather. Jeans go with everything too but in this hot weather, summer dress would be a more comfortable choice. They can be teamed up with denim jacket and sneakers for a casual look or with your flip flops. Wear any footwear ranging from high boots to high heels to flip flops to sneakers; they’ll all compliment the dress.                                    
And if you don’t want to wear a skirt or a dress your savior your favorite jeans are there to save you. Jeans being the always go to solution when you can’t decide what to wear. Be it a baggy jean with a tank top or a v-neck with sneakers or skinny jeans with a loose tee or open fennel shirts with a tank top underneath with heels or sneakers, jeans are the IT. They are always cool and comfortable to wear.  
Hope now you have some ideas. Getting dressed for college can be as easy as making a midnight noodles. Have fun getting dressed up and deciding what to wear. 

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Sundress, flip-flops, shorts, mangoes; hundred things to love during summer.

Scorching heat, sweat, sunburn, tanning, the other side of summers are not so fun.
Want to wear a perfect sunny dress without tanning?
Don’t you want to wear those scarfs, gloves, summer coats without a second thought? Can’t go outside the high sun & have fun, no outdoors during summers; so many challenges, but there is always BUT. 

You can wear trendy shorts, cute crop tops, pretty sundresses & everyone’s all-time favorite flip-flops, make trendy messy hairstyle, and paint your nails with cute summer designs like different color polka dots & many other cute ones. Have Ganne (Sugar Cane Juice) ka & mango ka Ras (Juice).

As everything has a both ends, so does summers have, every situation can be prevented with simple steps & simple precautions. Summer comes with many challenges but each of us has some simple remedy easy to do. Problems like hypothermia (when the body absorbs more heat than required) can lead to severe problems can be prevented by precautions as simple as wearing loose cotton clothes. Drinking more water is necessity during summers. The problem of exhaustion faced by many can be solved by having a cool shower, taking chilled beverages & taking small precautions as required by your skin. The issue of redness of skin can be avoided by using an appropriate sunscreen having SPF 30+ or the major issue of tanning (the darkening of the skin due to long time exposure to the sun), can be avoided by rehydration. Prickly heat caused by sweating can have a precaution as simple as using talcum powder.

So focus on the goods, the bad can be overruled with some healthy habits, exercise, and wear loose & breathing clothes, refreshing tasty beverages. There’s nothing summer can cause and that can’t be resolved by kitchen home remedies.


             So Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Happy & Enjoy Your Summer.



New Summer Collection Of Rinku Sobti Introduced By Indzola

Indzola is now offering Ms Rinku Sobti collection of dresses.  Ms Rinku Sobti is very talented versatile designer in Indian Fashion Industry. Indian fashion is synonymous to Rinku sobti. She is one of the leading designer who has created magnificent contemporary designs with her unique creativity keeping considerations of ancient tradition in India.
The wardrobe consists of swimwear, eveningwear, and traditional Indian wear, specially the bridal outfit of sarees and lehengas, casual wear. She has made perfect combination of style, tradition and dignity of women which are reflecting her design and uniqueness, she has been also the designers of the gowns and dress of the Lakme Fashion Week.


Photo Credit by Rinku Sobti Fashion Pvt.Ltd,

Now Indzola is also selling India’s best designer dresses by RINKU SOBTI FASHION PVT LTD, buy online from Indzola.
Her designs and collections are used by most of the Bollywood celebs.
Recently Actress Gauhar Khan is set to walk the ramp for Delhi-based fashion designer Rinku Sobti on Indian Textile Day at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW).
The designer draws inspiration from the rich Indian handloom culture that prevails and the intricate works of the weavers in the Bajardiya cluster to shape her collection ‘Tassels’. The creation is an ode to the handloom tradition and skilled weavers of India.


 The Beautiful Sunny Leone in a red coloured dress by Rinku Sobti. The handwoven dress features grape motifs all over and a stylish wrap detail.


Also, Lakshmi Manchu was seen wearing Black and White check handloom Saree with maroon block printed border paired with maroon and black shirt collar macrame blouse. Designer Rinku Sobti brings in her SS16 collection – “Essenza” – inspired by fruits and handlooms of Varanasi. Dauntless yet elegant, this collection is for every woman who loves to embrace their feminine side with confidence.  

Beautiful designer dresses top party wear Designer outfits. These dresses are available at indzola in exclusive designs and are applicable for casual or formal wear. We presents TUNICS and Embroidery work dresses in various designs and color combinations. These dresses can be worn on any occasion ranging from casual wear to formals and party collections.

Rinku sobti hold years of experience in offering a qualitative range of Designer Short Kurta, which is available at indzola in various sizes, designs, colors and patterns. These kurtas are manufactured by experienced fashion designers in accordance with the current fashion trends. This elegant & classy tunic is highly appreciated by clients for its unique embroidery and neat stitching.
We care about you. We want to help you get these high quality dresses at the cheaper price. We are offering the best and renowned collection designed by Rinku Sobti dresses on INDZOLA.


That’s not all… We will add special deals on our summer collection. Enjoy these exclusive traditional handloom RINKU SOBTI’S dresses collection and our deals. Enjoy savings.

Tips for What to Wear During Holi

The festival of colours, love and joy HOLI is at your doors. HOLI signifies the triumph of good over evil, the onset of spring, the end of winter and for many a festive day to enjoy with friends and family, to forget all the differences and mend the broken relationships, Hope you have made all the preparations like buying natural colors, water guns, balloons and sweet dish GUJIYAS
Now the most difficult thing is to decide WHAT TO WEAR on Holi. On Holika Dahan, one day before the HOLI women can wear traditional ethnic clothes like saris, salwar kameez, lehengas and men can wear kurta, pajamas to get into the festive mood.

Tips on What to Wear on HOLI (DHULENDI):


1. Traditional White Kurtis– 

The best Holi clothes could be a traditional white kurti teamed up with a pair up of blue jeans. Holi is so vibrant and colorful in itself that you can opt 

for white as it can show all the colors you like. The best advice for women is to make sure that you wear a proper

inner which does not get see-through when you get wet.

2.White Top and Jeans–  

This Holi the clothes you wear should probably be white because it lets all the colors to settle on you and gets you into Holi spirit. Jeans is one trendy attire, which can look sensual as well as it can be comfortable, But make sure you opt for a loose fitted top as tight clothes can cause irritation and can get you all sweaty while playing Holi.


A sensuous attire. One of the Holi clothes could be saree. It is very sensuous attire and can get you all the attention. It can give you feel of Indian actress drenched in water. But make sure you know to handle it because once you get wet it starts hugging your body and can get transparent too. Otherwise, this could also be your apt Holi attire, sensuous yet traditional.

4.Shorts and plain tee

Shorts are ideal not only for summers but also a suitable for Holi celebrations. Holi celebrations are just about having fun with friends, 

family and relatives. Shorts and plain tee shirt can be ideal fashion tip for women as it makes you look trendy and gives you a comfortable feel.
5.Salwar Kameez

Remember great actress Rekha in famous song ‘Rang Barse’, This actress was looking extremely gorgeous in traditional Salwar Kameez. This attire can be modernized by various patterns and designs keeping today’s trends in mind. The attire that can get you into Holi mood and give you trendy looks at the same time.

So basically there are multi options to choose on individual choices, You can always add a personal touch to any of these looks and really make it your own custom outfit, whatever you do, stay chic even during the Holi and enjoy this festival of colours. Stay safe and enjoy the festival of colors and joy. Happy Holi. Most of these wears are available online at affordable online bazaar indzola.com.