We love giving less and getting more. That’s what a denim shirt is like, invest for one and use in many ways. It may seem tricky to wear it different ways but is as easy as doodling.

  •   Denim shirt has always been a classic, a must to have in your wardrobe. A piece of clothing which goes with everything, literally.
  •  Paired up with a dark jean or a two shade lighter jeans and with your favorite Chuck Taylor or stilettoes, gives you an easy cool and confident look.
  • Team it up with a black skinny jean or black leather jeggings with heels and you are ready to rock a rock star look.

  •  Achieve a funky look by pairing it up with skinny joggers and any footwear ranging from slippers to heels.
  • Having a denim shirt you’ll never feel a need to buy a jean jacket, just roll up the sleeves a little.Wear it with a summer dress by keeping it open with sleeves rolled up or by tying a knot in front gives you a casual comfy look.
  • Pairing it up with another all-time classic a black pencil skirt gives you and I care and I don’t care to look all at the same time. These two classics together and result are loved by all.
  • Wear the denim with an animal print skirt, your floral print skirt or your favorite shorts; it’ll go with everything giving you a trendy look.

Don’t feel like wearing a shirt over your top anymore, no probs, just tie it around your waist and you are good to go with a little hipster touch to your look.

So what is it that you are waiting for if you have denim, go and try these out and if not then go and buy yourself one?


Cotton Kurtis And Suits: Best For Summer & Monsoon Season

Modern women prefer to wear Kurti at office or home with legging. The best thing about the Kurtis is that they are loose and so does not need to cover dupatta. Therefore, those who prefer clothes without hassle, they can choose Kurtis of their choice. These Kurtis are loved by women of all ages.

Look at this Black Color Denim Kurti With Box Pattern

Online Women Wear & Accessories India
This beautiful Kurti with regular fit will enhance your curves as well as will keep you comfortable. The Black Colo color of the cotton Kurti keeps Kurti subtle and very elegant. Multi-color printed wings Kurtis are great for wearing to college or to go shopping. If you like to wear Kurtis style of dress, then this Blue Color Printed Denim Kurti With Embroidery  is sure to make you go crazy indeed. If you love your arms covered instead of being exposed to the sun then ensure you wear one of full sleeve Kurtis or three fourth sleeve Kurtis with legging.

Blue Color Printed Denim Kurti With Embroidery

Best Women Cotton Suit India
There are a lot of designs and patterns of Kurtis available in the market. Also, the best thing about these clothings is that they are not expensive and are cheaper in prices as compared to the other ethnic dresses. Therefore, the Kurtis made up of cotton and Georgette are very much in demand during summer and monsoon seasons. But if you go for shopping them in your local market, you will end up buying some common designs which are available in various shops in a particular market.

Chanderi Cotton Suit

Best Women Cotton Suit India
So, you can choose the option of doing online to void this as many online stores provide attractive offers and discounts from where you can buy best women Cotton Suit India. Cotton suits and kurtis are very comfortable for both summer and monsoon season, because cotton is a skin-loving fabric as well as it protects the skin from infections / bacterial infestations caused from sweat. You can buy cotton Kurtisthrough various online clothing stores after doing some research about the store.
Cotton suits and Kurtis come in all shapes and sizes. Their styles are well made and can be worn by women to functions or college.

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What Tips You Got To Consider While Purchasing Saree

One of the most required things we cannot overlook of present times fashion is our cultural apparel. Being in style is something which we would love and enjoy doing each time every time. Indian woman are generally not stylish but their elegance is enough to explain a lot in less. You may be able to solve most of your problems of wearing “what” on “what” occasion by completely relying on your Indian ethnic wear. With a lots of choices for you in apparel, you will look at your best in the Indian ethnic apparel known as saree. There are hundreds of designer saree to buy online in India and you would love to have a look at it.


There is no dress in this world than saree that can show you how to look extremely gorgeous. It is in the last few years that the trend of this saree has changed like anything. Indians wear it in different ways and all of them look absolutely fabulous. The fast changing lifestyle has still not been able to affect the beauty and elegance saree showcases. These are the times when you feel that nothing is better than a saree.
Below is the list of essential tips for fashion that Indian women love to wear and look extremely stylish –

1. You need to understand the frame of your body if you want to select the traditional wear such as sarees – If you are a quite plumpy and have fats deposited around the sides of your waist, then it would be better if you do not wear sleeveless cuts. There are the dark colours that can be chosen and you can better avoid the lighter shades.

Then there are prints that are vertical in line and are small. They give woman a gorgeous slim look. There are women with heavy built and it would be better if they avoid kota and cotton sarees.  They can instead go for Georgette and chiffon sarees. If you have a medium built then there are fawn and beige that are considered as the best colours whom you will love to wear. If you are trying to search blouses, then you can look for net material blouses that are extremely beautiful and you would absolutely love them for their elegance and incomparable charm you would find.

2. You can wear colours that look great on your skin tone. There are Indian women who are fairly gorgeous and they can try a number of shades of copper and gold. If you have a wheatish or dusky complexion then try making the concoction of white, bronze, beige, and gold. They are extremely beautiful and look perfect. Darker complexioned women can really appear at their best in copper and golden shades and colours.

3. Your self-confidence is perfect to carry you from your jeans to sarees – yes it definitely is! If you think that buying only from a reputed designer will make you look great and flawless, then let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong. You can equally and in fact, you can flaunt your beauty and poise in traditional attire more than you can do in the western attire. Find some of the latest designs on the most popular websites such as the Facebook or Instagram.