Tips for What to Wear During Holi

The festival of colours, love and joy HOLI is at your doors. HOLI signifies the triumph of good over evil, the onset of spring, the end of winter and for many a festive day to enjoy with friends and family, to forget all the differences and mend the broken relationships, Hope you have made all the preparations like buying natural colors, water guns, balloons and sweet dish GUJIYAS
Now the most difficult thing is to decide WHAT TO WEAR on Holi. On Holika Dahan, one day before the HOLI women can wear traditional ethnic clothes like saris, salwar kameez, lehengas and men can wear kurta, pajamas to get into the festive mood.

Tips on What to Wear on HOLI (DHULENDI):


1. Traditional White Kurtis– 

The best Holi clothes could be a traditional white kurti teamed up with a pair up of blue jeans. Holi is so vibrant and colorful in itself that you can opt 

for white as it can show all the colors you like. The best advice for women is to make sure that you wear a proper

inner which does not get see-through when you get wet.

2.White Top and Jeans–  

This Holi the clothes you wear should probably be white because it lets all the colors to settle on you and gets you into Holi spirit. Jeans is one trendy attire, which can look sensual as well as it can be comfortable, But make sure you opt for a loose fitted top as tight clothes can cause irritation and can get you all sweaty while playing Holi.


A sensuous attire. One of the Holi clothes could be saree. It is very sensuous attire and can get you all the attention. It can give you feel of Indian actress drenched in water. But make sure you know to handle it because once you get wet it starts hugging your body and can get transparent too. Otherwise, this could also be your apt Holi attire, sensuous yet traditional.

4.Shorts and plain tee

Shorts are ideal not only for summers but also a suitable for Holi celebrations. Holi celebrations are just about having fun with friends, 

family and relatives. Shorts and plain tee shirt can be ideal fashion tip for women as it makes you look trendy and gives you a comfortable feel.
5.Salwar Kameez

Remember great actress Rekha in famous song ‘Rang Barse’, This actress was looking extremely gorgeous in traditional Salwar Kameez. This attire can be modernized by various patterns and designs keeping today’s trends in mind. The attire that can get you into Holi mood and give you trendy looks at the same time.

So basically there are multi options to choose on individual choices, You can always add a personal touch to any of these looks and really make it your own custom outfit, whatever you do, stay chic even during the Holi and enjoy this festival of colours. Stay safe and enjoy the festival of colors and joy. Happy Holi. Most of these wears are available online at affordable online bazaar